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JD Platt’s K-9 Kings

When the K-9 Kings perform you experience ELEVEN variety of breeds, RESCUE dogs, ACROBATIC trick routines and the LARGEST meet greet & pet area.

This fun mix of music, costumes, comedy, audience participation and high-flying trick dogs has become a PROFESSIONAL ENTERTAINMENT ACT LIKE NO OTHER IN THE WORLD!

* Custom arena perimeter
* Sound equipment
* 2 – 3 shows a day
* 20 – 30 minute shows
* World’s largest meet greet & pet area
* 11 variety of breeds
* Multiple acrobatic frisbee dog routines
* Crowd participation
* Free giveaways


Coming Soon!

About JD Platt

Long before J.D. ever watched one of his canines launch into the air, he had an appreciation for terms like Big Air! Hang time! For 13 years J.D. was a professional snowboard competitor and he currently has a Signature Series Snowboard with SnoPlanks out of Bend, OR. It seems quite appropriate that his team of canine athletes would continue his tradition of amazing high flying stunts. In the mid 90’s, while still an active snowboard competitor he met a disc dog entertainer who introduced him to the sport of canine flying disc. It wasn’t long before he was hooked on both the competition of canine disc and its amazing way of providing crowd pleasing entertainment.

Over the last 20 years J.D. has developed his own unique approach to the sport. As a kid and adult he was always involved with being an entertainer or athlete and growing up he always had a passion for animals. His company K9 Kings Entertainment seems to be a reflection of his life story combining all of his talents. He’s been blessed with entertaining millions of people around the United States with his special and diverse team of dogs.

In addition to entertaining he also loved competing for years around the country at disc dog events and has earned numerous titles like four time world finalist, FDDO national champions, multiple state champs and two-time Purina national finalist. He’s also been featured on Animal Planet’s Pet Star and appeared on the first and only dog reality show on CBS called “Greatest American Dog” where over 100 million people saw him compete for $250,000 with his dog “Galaxy”