Emmy nominated for their theme song of the FX Series Justified, “Long Hard Times to Come”   and no wonder, banjos and rappers shouldn’t sound good together.  But they do!!

Sponsored by Oregrown Industries, Inc


Friday | February 12th | 8:30pm


Billboard’s Alternative Top 10, Coleman Hell’s Debut Single, “2 Heads”,  has banjo riffs and a spooky dance vibe that is unlike anything you’ve ever heard!!


Saturday | February 13th | 8:30pm


Company Grand is an 8-piece electrifying band, inspired both by vintage vaudevillian cabaret and all varieties of modern pop culture. Come arouse all of your senses by experiencing the wild, hilarious, seductive and virtuosic musical and artistic showcase that is Company Grand.


Friday | February 12th | 6:30pm


Elektrapod fuses Funk, Soul and Riff Rock w/ Groove and Jam sensibilities to create a band that truly stands out.

Saturday | February 13th | 7pm


Keeping in the folk tradition with bluegrass and old-time at its deepest roots,  Honey Don’t crackles with life and overflows with soul, its music is rare and true.

Friday | February 12th | 5:30pm


Harley Bourbon has the outlaw country spirit of story telling and old time memory, steeped in whiskey and blended with punk rock. This local Bend band has created something completely original and authentic, howling there stories of struggle and love from the bottom of his soul through a throat of smoke and gravel


Saturday | February 13th | 5:30pm

Oregon WinterFest Music Schedule 2016

Friday | February 12th

5:30pm Honey Don’t
(U.S. Cellular®  Chalet Tent)
6:30pm The Company Grand (U.S. Cellular®  Chalet Tent)
8:30pm Gangstagrass sponsored by Oregrown Industries, Inc. (U.S. Cellular®  Chalet Tent)

Saturday | February 13th

5:30pm Harley Bourbon
(U.S. Cellular®  Chalet Tent)
7:00pm Elektrapod
(U.S. Cellular®  Chalet Tent)
8:30pm Coleman Hell
(U.S. Cellular®  Chalet Tent)