Stroll through the Fine Arts & Crafts Pavilion, showcasing a robust display of fine arts and crafts.

Over 80 regional and local artisans’ work will be on display, offering unique, handmade products and artwork. From fine woodwork, intricate ceramics, stunning handcrafted jewelry to paintings, illustrations and an abundance of other finely honed craftsmanship, the Arts & Crafts Pavilion is the perfect place to find a statement piece, gift or keepsake.


1920 Shoppe believes in bringing new life to salvaged and reclaimed materials sourced locally here in Oregon. Paired with personal drawing and graphic designs, fun and inspiring signs are created.

Wearable art in contemporary/retro fusion style. Fabric surfaces created with different forms of fabric manipulation and dye. Embellishments include hand applique, embroidery , felting & stone beads.


Our pottery is handmade using a potter’s wheel or slab roller. It is all oven, micro-wave and dishwasher safe. We make a large variety of items including, mugs, bowls, chip & dips, and baking dishes.

Copper art is created using a flame against the metal, creating 14 oxidized colors. The process requires patience and negotiation between the artist and the copper. Grinding enhances the design.

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I transform books into purses and clocks!

All items are hand knit by Sunday Jensen, including hats, scarves, boot cuffs, fingerless gloves, and blankets, knit from a variety of yarns including wool, alpaca, and vegan products.

The blankets are handwoven in USA by a sixth generation weaver from Macedonia with 100% super soft merino wool in traditional early American Rosenkransen and twill patterns. They are also preshrunk.

We make plant & mineral based Eco Laundry products. Including Laundry Powder (using only eo’s for scent), Stain Stick, Wool Dryer Balls, Vinegar Wash, Linen Spray. All handmade, women owned business.

Rowan designs and hand-felts pillows, rugs, wall art, and headwear with wool from small, local farms. Felting involves turning carded wool into fiber using hot water, soap, and friction.

All work is created using artist grade spray paint and original hand-cut stencils to create bold and edgy pop-art overlays on vibrant graffiti backgrounds.

Each piece of jewelry is sawed, soldered, forged, hammered, stamped, filed, sanded, and polished by hand, from sterling silver sheet and sterling silver wire.

Handcrafted, Eco-friendly premium soy candles and wax melts. We combine high quality fragrance and essential oils with organic, non-GMO, domestically grown soybean oil.

We upcyle, reuse & reduce clothing in eco/fashionable way. We hand make accessories using preloved discarded clothing from yard sales & thrift stores. Using heavy duty sergers we make our products last.

I paint with acrylics and modify with pencil.My subjects are most often human form or natural objects that suggest this.Creation and destruction are equally weighted in building textured surface.

I am blessed to be able to make unique and handmade wood & enamel jewelry.

Woodburning and Pyrography on various types of wood. I mainly make wall decor for homes, and end tables.

Copper art is created using a flame against the metal, creating 14 oxidized colors. The process requires patience and negotiation between the artist and the copper. Grinding enhances the design.

Each piece is individually handcrafted. Our wooden cases go through 7 different sand paper sizes to get a natural finish. We find scraps of materials from furniture places to minimize waste.

I am a ceramic jewelry artist. I use a mid range porcelain clay body, layering multiple glazes and glaze firings to create a depth of color on the ceramic pieces. I finish using sterling silver.

Vintage buttons are salvaged and wire-wrapped in fine metals to create unique jewelry. Shoppers can choose their own button and have a custom ring, bracelet or necklace made for them in just minutes.

Nomad Leather is the creative partnership of, brothers, Nick and Damon Vracin. Using everything from new hides to salvaged, repurposed leather we strive to be innovative in every piece we create.

I am a blacksmith making heirloom quality skillets & utensils. My pans are hand spun carbon steel & copper. My handles are original designs forged from materials such as steel, wrought iron & bronze.

Bend Bag Company uses predominantly USA sourced leathers to create practical, yet beautiful handbags, wallets, bracelets, and pillows. All of the leather goods are produced in my home studio.

We raise and collect local PNW butterflies and moths, as well as source exotic species from farms around the world. We use these to make unique shadowbox frames, jewelry, and accessories.

For 15 years I have used unwanted clothing and fabrics and give them new life and form translating them into artistic indie fashion.

Back-lit wooden landscape Art hand made one at time. Unique and rare woods and Grains are used to recreate your favorite mountains, lakes and rivers by the artist.

Pattern free, contemporary, handmade clothing made from eclectic combinations of new and upcycled materials. Signature accent stitching on silk, wool, canvas military tents, repurposed sofa leather.

Unusual Cards features greeting cards, magnets, prints, ornaments, and pins made from the original, hand-cut collage art of Francesca Berrini. Every item is hand made by the artist in Portland Oregon.