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FIRE PIT COMPETITION presented by Chevrolet of Bend

The intrigue and excitement of fire is universal.

In the last 5 years, more than 40 creatives from throughout the Northwest have submitted work inspired by their fascination with this incendiary element.

Works have ranged from innovative takes on familiar subjects — a tabletop fire pit intended for making s’mores, complete with custom forks — to fantastical spaceships and fire-breathing dragons. Equally notable are the design and sculptural based pieces, marrying form and function.

As an element fire warms us, and invites us to relax, pause and socialize. The Fire Area is a collective art installation unique to Oregon WinterFest, offering an experience unlike anything else.

Cauldron Artist: Miguel Edwards

We are excited to welcome visual artists Miguel Edwards to the WinterFest this year. Although, this is the biggest winter festival on the west coast, Edward’s cauldron has seen larger crowds. It debuted at the 2018 Special Olympics in Seattle, Washington at the Opening Ceremony on July 1. On the hot summer day over 39,000 people filled the Husky stadium to kick off the games and witness the lighting of Edwards’s 13-foot-tall, stainless steel tribute to the Special Olympics. It will be lit again to celebrate WinterFest.

Edwards drew inspiration from the athletes as he created the piece: “The courage and determination shown by these athletes was an inspiration to me as I worked on this piece,” he said, “and I hope that people will notice the love, hard work, and diligence that went into making the cauldron. Like the story of so many of these amazing athletes, it is a bit about never giving up.”

Edwards’s recently moved to Bend, Oregon and can be found online at or on Instagram at @TheMiguelEdwards.

Meet the Competitors

Cauldron by Miguel Edwards

Do you have experience in playing with fire? Submit your own vision for the 2019 competition.

2019 Fire Sculptor Application

This activity is supported in part by the following:

The Bend Cultural Tourism Fund is a grant program created to enhance Bend’s economy through engaging visitors with the lifestyle, art and history of Bend. From musical acts to art exhibits to film festivals, the BCTF supports cultural opportunities that draw visitors to Bend.
Lay It Out Events is honored and grateful to be the the recipient of a Bend Cultural Tourism Grant, which has funded expanded outreach and marketing for the Fire Pit and Sculpture Competition, contributing to the cultural life in Bend. The 2018 competition will showcase submissions from throughout Oregon and Washington in part as a result of this funding.
Lay It Out Events is excited to be partnering with the City of Redmond and RCAAP for the first public art placement generated by the OWF Fire Competition. With the advent of   Art Around the Clock , Redmond’s outdoor public art gallery, this public placement is part of an ever growing cultural legacy.

ICE SCULPTURES presented by Hayden Homes

Watch gifted carvers from throughout Central Oregon transform 600-pound blocks of ice into works of art on Saturday and Sunday. The Ice Carving Competition is sponsored by Hayden Homes!

Meet the 2018 Artists
2019 Artist Application


Light up the banks of the Deschutes River

To celebrate the 20th year of OWF and expand our focus on creative expression begun with the Fire Pit and Sculpture Competition we offer COLA – Central Oregon Light Art. Gracing the banks of the Deschutes river regional creative will create images, environments and illumination all generated by light.

Light art is a traditional way to illuminate and celebrate the night at these dark times of the year, beginning when candles and torches were the only source of light. With the advent of modern ways of creatively thinking about light and technology these installations have come to become focal events in themselves in Europe and more recently in North America as well. Now we bring that modern tradition to Bend.


We are looking for artists and creative thinkers to join us for this enlightened art show. As this is the first show of this kind in the area, no theme has been set. Artists are encouraged to light up the banks of the Deschutes River with their most creative work. Technical support will be available to artists in the creative process.
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All guests, attendees and volunteers get 20% off at the hotel.

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