Gourmet Lifestyle Pavilion

Enjoy the finer things in life at the EsthetixMD Gourmet Food & Lifestyle Pavilion. Sip on fine wines, taste gourmet snacks, and discover all the things you might need (or want to add) to your lifestyle.

Find the finest coffee and confections, quality kitchen knives, beautifully handcrafted cast iron cookware and more at the 2020 Gourmet Food & Lifestyle Pavilion.


Award winning Oregon cider maker creates BEND CIDER C0., one of the most highly anticipated hard cider companies in the PNW.


Broadus bees Offers local bend wildflower & buckwheat honey as well as local Bend bee pollen. I have a low heat, slow infused jalapeño honey as well. We also offer a number of other varietals of honey from Oregon as well as honey soap and lip balm.


Jams and Jellies.

Beef and pork sales.


Royal Juice Company offers fresh pressed organic juice with no added sugars or preservatives. We also offer a variety of herbal medicine products made from herbs and plants harvested in Oregon, grown in our Royal Juice Greenhouse or sourced from a company based out of Eugene, Oregon. Every ingredient used in our herbal medicine products is house-infused and organic.


Trail Brew is an instant earthen beverage made from roasted roots, organic tonic herbs and organic mushrooms. Naturally energizing and nutritive for your body and mind, Trail Brew is a delicious, earthy alternative to caffeinated beverages, and the perfect companion at home or on your next big adventure.


All Purpose Condiment Sauces. Various sauces used for cooking, marinating, dipping, stir fry and the like. Our sauces are vegan, gluten-free and nut free.


Tierra De Lobos Winery is a 2-man operation from Dallesport Washington.

We pride ourselves in growing our own grapes and handling every step of the wine-making process. From harvesting all the way to bottling, everything is done by hand in small batches to ensure the best quality in our wines.