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Oregon WinterFest in the news

About WinterFest

Once upon a time, in the frosty peaks of the Cascade Range, there lived a mystical creature known as Frostyheart. Legend has it that Frostyheart was born from the very essence of winter itself, sculpted by ancient snow sprites who inhabit the mountainous region.

Frostyheart resembles a yeti, with a towering stature covered in glistening, white fur that shimmers like freshly fallen snow in the sunlight. Despite his towering size, Frostyheart is gentle in nature and has a warm heart. Literally emblazoned on his chest is a glowing heart-shaped marking, radiating a soft, comforting light that symbolizes the spirit of love and togetherness of the winter season.

 Frostyheart’s love by Bend locals is only equaled by his loyal companion—a tiny, whimsical snow creature named Flurry. Flurry is a playful and mischievous little being, resembling a miniature snowball with curious, twinkling eyes and a delightful song. He likes to perch himself atop Frostyheart’s head or ride on his broad back. They have an inseparable bond.

 Every February, as Winterfest approaches, Frostyheart emerges from the slopes of Bachelor Butte, carrying Flurry on his back, to spread joy and cheer among the townspeople. Children and adults alike eagerly await his arrival, knowing that with Frostyheart’s presence comes an abundance of laughter, enchantment, and the promise of unforgettable WinterFest activites.

Frostyheart is a symbol of unity and celebration during Winterfest, leading the grand parades through the snow-filled streets of Bend, sharing hugs, and spreading warmth to all who cross his path. His message issimple but profound: in the heart of winter, amidst the frost and chill, love and companionship can thaw even the coldest of days.

 As the Winterfest celebrations drew to a close, Frostyheart and Flurry bid farewell to Bend, always promising to return the following year – unless there is a pandemic. And so, they retreated once more to their snowy sanctuary, leaving behind a trail of smiles and cherished memories until the next frosty February when Winterfest welcomes their heartwarming presence once again.